Enterpreneurship. VLO Enterpreneurship Promotion Bureau has been established to promote and stimulate increase of self-employment, that is, to encourage its clients to set up their own business. Its main activities include wide range of professional counselling services offered to individuals, the unemployed in particular, who are interested in establishing own enterprises.

Enterpreneurship Promotion Bureau provides free advice in terms of legal and economical aspects of how to run an enterprise. Among bureau’ s key activities group workshops are organized where the clients have opportunity to assess their own entrepreneurial skills and interests by taking autotest “How to become Rockefeller”. Entrepreneurial courses deal with the following aspects:

  • different kinds of enterprise

  • how to register your own company

  • how to prepare a good business plan

  • where and how to apply for financial support

Apart from group workshops, individual counselling, focused on preparing a business plan, is also provided to individuals.